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So how does teeth whitening work? During a whitening treatment, the combination of a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel and intense, blue light oxides, (quite rapidly), the discolouration found on the surface and inside the tooth. This renders those stains neutral in colour and gives the tooth a brighter appearance.

At the same time, the gel formula gently polishes the tooth’s surface. The result is a white, shiny smile, clean of years of stains from food, drinks, and cigarettes. The best part? You can achieve this after just one, hour-long treatment.

Teeth NATURALLY come in many colours.

Some have a yellowish tone, some orange, some brown and some grey. The outside of your teeth, the enamel, is clear and glass- like.

The colour that you see showing through is from the tooth structure under the enamel called dentin. Dentin is the calcified tooth ‘bone’ just below the enamel.

To whiten teeth, an oxygen action-type whitening gel is applied to the front of the teeth to be whitened. Then the Whitening Accelerator Light system is applied to activate a fast and safe whitening action

A Professional in-chair Whitening System uses cold-light technology with a concentrated beam of high-intensity blue light to powerfully accelerate the whitening process by stimulating the bleaching action.

This Whitening Accelerator System accelerates the whitening process by the high-intensity blue light activating the gel within the microscopic ‘pores’ in the tooth enamel as the whitening gel penetrates the clear tooth enamel bleaching out staining during the migration of the whitening gel through the microscopic ‘pores’ of the enamel towards the dentin

In simple terms, if you imagine the enamel of a tooth is a windowthrough which we see the dentin through, cosmetic teeth whitening simply cleans that stained window so that the natural white colour of the dentin is revealed!

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Jessie Kalivati Teeth Whitening Aesthetician
Jessie Kalivati Teeth Whitening Aesthetician